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Number talk

For maths today, during number talk we learnt the meaning of real numbers. We learnt about Natural Numbers, Whole Numbers, Integers and Rational Numbers.  It was really interesting learning about all these different meanings. Starting from Natural numbers, they start from 1 going forward, then whole numbers, they start from 0 going forward and so on. I’m still getting the hang of the other 2 but overall I enjoyed maths today.

Teamtui Probability Games

Today, Team Tui did maths in a different way. We had more fun than usual. We had to split up into 3 big groups, we had 3 different rotations and the last one which was the fourth one, we only need 2 groups. The 3 rotations were greedy pig, playing cards and bottle flipping. I had 2 favourites which were greedy pig and bottle flipping. It was funny and cool seeing everyone so competitive trying to see could finish first, and hearing everyone getting along laughing together was amazing. Bottle flipping was fun because we could only have 10 flips and if we missed we had to show integrity and make sure we wrote it on our telly chart. Greedy pig we had to roll the dice and try to get 50 or above. and if we rolled it on 1 restart. Overall I enjoyed maths a lot today.


For maths today we had the choice to play either, Hit the button or Prototec. These were my final scores. I managed to get at least 94 on my times tables on Prototec, which means I still have a bit more to learn and accomplish as soon as I can. Hit the button was very fun to play because whenever I got it wrong I restarted, it took me at least 5 tries, I tried to keep going until the timer ran out and that was my score. Next time I know that I will try even harder to get at least more than how much I got now. Overall I was happy with the outcome of both of my scores.

Measuring Length

Today in maths, Team Tui drew a random shape to measure its length – distance.  We had to get into a group of 3 to work together to pick and create a shape. It didn ´ t have to be an ordinary shape just as long as we could measure it. We used string to measure the curvy lines and used  rulers to measure the straight lines. In total the perimeter was 48.8cm which converts into 488mm.

Creating Graphs


Last week for maths in Team Tui we had to create a graph on google sheets and find out the rule. We had to write down                                                               the rule and find the equation to solve it.



Today for maths we learnt the meaning of BEDMAS and how to solve it. We learnt where to start and strategy that can help us to make things way easier. BEDMAS. It stands for,








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