Matariki Festival Reflection

In my opinion, I really enjoyed the Matariki Festival, we got to show off to parents what we had been working of for the past term. I enjoyed telling others what our activities were about and seeing the challenging look on their faces and also seeing the little kids enjoying themselves competing in our painting activity, There wasn’t really anything that could of went better cause everything was great.  

What I thought could have gone better was if the people across us could have stopped being competitive towards us and saying things to distract us, not knowing that we worked hard on our activity. I did try and ignore because I know it was a bit of banter, but other than that the day was good and I enjoyed everything else. 

One thought on “Matariki Festival Reflection

  1. Hi melie!
    You have done such an amazing work on matariki festival! I’m looking forward to seeing more work soon!
    Keep it up!

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