Swimming at Camp

Swimming was my one of my favourite things during camp because we could jump off the wharf into the cove feeling the nice cold water against my skin. At first I was scared to jump off because I thought I was gonna drown even tho I had a life jacket on. It felt so good once I jumped into the water, knowing that I wasn’t gonna drown.We got to jump off with our friends, splashing the teachers pretending it was an accident. It was cool that we got to hang out with our friends and teachers and people we’ve never hung out with before.


One of my top highlight about camp was Fiafia night. We got to show other groups what we had been practicing. Fiafia night is a night that I will never forget. And to top it off my group won! The main thing is that everybody was having fun and enjoyed that night. It was cool to see how competitive every group was, but still cheered the other groups on.


Pollination is like an action from flowers where the male part of the flower is called the Satmen and that part of the flower hold the Anther and Filament but then that part transfers to the female side and the female side is called the Pistil and the Pistil part holds 3 parts of the flower and which is called the Stigma, Style and Ovary. When the male part transfers to the female side the bees help them make little baby eggs in the flower. Anther is responsible for the production of Pollination or the fertilizing part of the flower. 



Yesterday on Thursday team Tui went on a trip to Motat. The day was really fun I liked seeing and exploring what it was like back then and how they use to live. I don´t really have a favorite experiment but they were fun. My highlight from Motat was probably when we were in church praying.