Friday last week our teachers thought that we had worked hard enough to earn a Friday full of just fun learning! In the end we needed to calculate all the tasks we did and it would show us how much points we had added up all together out of 250. It was really fun to do, we had the option to work with a buddy or individually. The most challenging slide was the riddles, it was really a brain teaser and had you thinking real hard. In the end we got through it and figured them out. My overall points out of 250 was 140 their were 2 or 3 slides I didn’t get so I just skipped them. And that was the outcome of my points.

Matariki Festival Reflection

In my opinion, I really enjoyed the Matariki Festival, we got to show off to parents what we had been working of for the past term. I enjoyed telling others what our activities were about and seeing the challenging look on their faces and also seeing the little kids enjoying themselves competing in our painting activity, There wasn’t really anything that could of went better cause everything was great.  

What I thought could have gone better was if the people across us could have stopped being competitive towards us and saying things to distract us, not knowing that we worked hard on our activity. I did try and ignore because I know it was a bit of banter, but other than that the day was good and I enjoyed everything else. 

Tongan Language Week


For TLW we had a fashion show. Many of us had different traditional Tongan outfits that we wore. We wore them with pride and didn’t feel one bit of embarrassment. We showcased them on the runway walking down and showing what our Tongan people wear to many different occasions like Funerals, Weddings, To dance (Tau’olunga), and Church. Then we performed a dance for the whole school and ended of with a feast

Basketball Tournament

On Thursday week 4 we had a Basketball tournament. We competed against many schools from around Glen Innes, There were a lot of different schools there and it was quite nerve racking. My team and I had 3 games, we lost 2 and won 1. I had a lot of fun competing against the other school, but the only thing that wasn’t really fun was when the refs wouldn’t call any of the fouls that the other teams did but other than that it was good. We got to see how other teams played and their techniques on team work. Overall I think that my team won and done well on teamwork and cheering each other on

Measuring Length

Today in maths, Team Tui drew a random shape to measure its length – distance.  We had to get into a group of 3 to work together to pick and create a shape. It didn ´ t have to be an ordinary shape just as long as we could measure it. We used string to measure the curvy lines and used  rulers to measure the straight lines. In total the perimeter was 48.8cm which converts into 488mm.

Cybersmart Challenge

Our cybersmart challenge was to learn about doing the right thing on Google meet. For some people who didn’t know how to use google meet now does. We learnt about how and where we should be seated which  is the wall as our  background and no one in our family our friends are seen walking around that could be distracting to whoever is in our call.

Taniwha Art

For Art in Team Tui room 11 did something different to the rest. Our Art task was to create a Taniwha. We had the choice to choose 3 of the stars from the Matariki cluster and fill up each space with different patterns representing each 3 and then fill the rest of the space up with any patterns you want.