Team Tui Expo

Today was the year 8’s farewell assembly, it was also a fundraiser for the year 8’s hoodies. For the fundraiser we sold Ice blocks, Waters, and sausage sizzles.We also had our LCS work on display in case our parents/family wanted to see what we had been working on for the past few weeks. It was cool seeing everybody having fun, playing sports, and listening to music. Overall I really enjoyed today, it was really fun and I would be happy to do it again in the future.

Quality Blog Post


For cybersmart, we had to complete this online challenge. We had to screenshot a blog of our choice, then we had to put the arrows in the right places that the text boxes described. We had to show which was the Title, Category & Tags, Digital Learning Objects also known as the photos, and lasty the Information about my learning, which also means the description.

Cybersmart Vocab

For Cybersmart today, we had to complete this Vocab challenge, that basically tested what we know about being Cybersmart online. We had to complete a word search and also match up some words with sentences of what we thought it went together. I was able to solve all of the word search and complete it with ease. And for the second slide I done it and made sure to check my answers were all right! Overall I liked today’s Cybersmart and enjoyed completing it.

Rainbows End

Yesterday 21st November we had  Rainbows End trip. This trip was mainly for the people who did well throughout this year. I really enjoyed the majority of the rides that I was able to go on, but I wish that I got to go on the last 2, which was Fear Fall and Gold Rush. The ride I was most nervous about was Stratosphere, because every time we went up I felt like I was going to fall out of my seat. In the end I really enjoyed it tho. The ride I feel I would never go on again is Power Surge. In the end I really enjoyed going to Rainbows End with all my friends, and if I could go back, I would love to!

Athletics Day

On Friday 10th November, We had an athletics day. The whole school dressed up in their house colours, so everyone was bright and colourful. We went in our year groups and by genders to each of our 6 rotations. Our first rotation was, Long Jump, Shot put, Discus, Rob the nest, Relays and lastly High Jump. It was really fun to be able to try heaps of different activities and especially since we were with the majority of our friends. My highlight of the day was the high jump, because I was able to build more confidence to jump over the stick.

Number talk

For maths today, during number talk we learnt the meaning of real numbers. We learnt about Natural Numbers, Whole Numbers, Integers and Rational Numbers.  It was really interesting learning about all these different meanings. Starting from Natural numbers, they start from 1 going forward, then whole numbers, they start from 0 going forward and so on. I’m still getting the hang of the other 2 but overall I enjoyed maths today.

Teamtui Probability Games

Today, Team Tui did maths in a different way. We had more fun than usual. We had to split up into 3 big groups, we had 3 different rotations and the last one which was the fourth one, we only need 2 groups. The 3 rotations were greedy pig, playing cards and bottle flipping. I had 2 favourites which were greedy pig and bottle flipping. It was funny and cool seeing everyone so competitive trying to see could finish first, and hearing everyone getting along laughing together was amazing. Bottle flipping was fun because we could only have 10 flips and if we missed we had to show integrity and make sure we wrote it on our telly chart. Greedy pig we had to roll the dice and try to get 50 or above. and if we rolled it on 1 restart. Overall I enjoyed maths a lot today.


For maths today we had the choice to play either, Hit the button or Prototec. These were my final scores. I managed to get at least 94 on my times tables on Prototec, which means I still have a bit more to learn and accomplish as soon as I can. Hit the button was very fun to play because whenever I got it wrong I restarted, it took me at least 5 tries, I tried to keep going until the timer ran out and that was my score. Next time I know that I will try even harder to get at least more than how much I got now. Overall I was happy with the outcome of both of my scores.

What is an Inference?


An Inference is taking clues and putting them together to figure something out.

For example – You could´ve been saving up for or something that you´ve needed for awhile say its a new phone, then all of a sudden your parents are giving hints by hinting that since your birthday is coming up, like buying a new phone case a charger and phone related items. Then you start realising that maybe they could be buying you a new phone.