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Little Red Riding Hood




Once upon a time there was a girl who lived with her brother. Her brother worked everyday and  hardly ever had time to be home with his sister so their grandma watched her. But little did she know her grandma was not who she thought she was. Grandma loved eating bread. She was furious this one time a little red riding hood bumped into her and accidentally dropped the bread.  


The grandma was so mad she hired a wolf to follow, spy and KILL her, over a literal piece of bread. Little Red riding Hood was sent by her brother to go check up on their grandma who lived in a forest. That was all part of the grandma’s plan, she had asked her brother to specifically send little red riding hood on her OWN, through the forest to deliver her bread. 


While the little red riding hood was on her way to her grandma she had seen this harry animal ( WOLF ) crawling on the floor towards her. Little red riding hood tried to tell it to shoo but it didn’t listen so she took off her shoe and threw it at the wolf. The wolf then got more mad and ate her shoe. She got more mad that the wolf wasn’t leaving her to be so then she decided to scream at the top of her lungs of every dead insect to wake up. So then the wolf decided to crawl away from her. Then the wolf felt something against its back and turned around and saw she had thrown her other shoe so the wolf ate it and left. The wolf went to the grandma and said to her “ I will not do it, my hunger can wait” and then he left without listening to any type of explanation.


The end